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Quantitative Proteo Transcriptomics Docker Demonstration

Installation Guide

1.) Download and install Docker ( for Mac or PC. Once installed, open it and allow it to initialize.

2.) Install the container:

In the meanwhile, feel free to take some time to understand the different components of this Docker command.

Component Type Description
docker Base command The base command for the Docker CLI (Command Language Interface)
run Command Run a command in a new container
-d, –detach OPTION Run container in background and print container ID
-p, –publish OPTION Publish a container’s port(s) to the host
galaxyp/quantp IMAGE galaxyp’s quantp image

3.) Access your initialized QuanTP Docker container at http://localhost:8080.

Parameter Input
Input Protein Abundance File “…protein_data.tabular”
Input RNA Abundance File “…transcript_data.tabular”
Select data type  
Experiment design File “…exp_design_file.tabular”
Data summarization method “Mean”
Multiple testing correction method “Benjamini and Hochberg (BH)”
Volcano plot with p-value or adjusted p-value “P-value”
Influential Observation cutoff “4”
K-mean clustering: Number of clusters “4”
Hierarchical clustering: Number of clusters (from Heatmap) “5”

Interactive Visualization

To convert the static plots into interactive Plotly visualizations: